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Performing to the best of your ability on a consistent basis can be extremely challenging, no matter what field your in (e.g. sport, business, music, acting, art, etc.) or what level you compete at (i.e. professional or amateur). Sometimes psychological factors, such as anxiety, can impact on our performance and get in the way of us achieving our goals. Regularly competing and/or performing can cause extreme stress; it’s not uncommon to become tense, have a racing heart rate, break into a sweat, and worry about the outcome. At high levels, these factors can make it difficult for us to concentrate on the task at hand, which is vitally important for optimal performance. Our mindset and approach to competition can also undermine our performance and negatively impact on our ongoing levels of motivation.

Considering the large impact psychological factors can have on performance, it is unsurprising that coaches, athletes and performers have more recently become increasingly interested in the field of sports psychology. Sports psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on helping performers develop strategies and techniques that they can use to ensure they achieve their potential. Such techniques can help performers develop mental toughness, and maintain composure when under pressure. Strategies are often targeted at developing the ability to maintain mental focus throughout the duration of a performance. Techniques are normally developed to help with both optimal preparation and optimal performance.

Sports Psychology at Vitalise

One of Vitalise’s Psychologists, Dr Luke Henderson, has experience in Sports Psychology coaching and counselling. Luke has worked with a variety of elite athletes and sporting organisations including cyclists, runners, and triathletes. Luke also works with AFL players through the AFL Player’s Association. Luke is passionate about helping athletes set and achieve their goals. Contact VITALISE today to make an appointment with one of our registered psychologists.

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