Anger Management

We Can Help With… Anger Management

Anger is a basic human emotion, and feeling angry is OK. It is how we respond to and express anger that can cause problems in our life.

Anger is an emotion that is experienced in differing degrees by everyone. Anger can range from mild annoyance and frustration, to intense rage – which can lead to explosive outbursts. Anger can lead to a range of overt behaviours such as criticising, yelling, throwing objects, or hitting something. At extreme levels, anger can lead to acts of violence and abuse such as pushing, grabbing, or hitting someone. Anger can also often mask other hidden feelings such as anxiety, hurt, or sadness, and can be accompanied by less overt behaviours such as ignoring someone or becoming withdrawn.

There are a number of factors that contribute to our levels of anger and how we express this emotion. These factors typically include what we learned about showing and expressing anger, or any emotion for that matter, while growing up. Furthermore, life stressors can increase our likelihood of becoming angry, and drugs and alcohol can reduce our ability to control our aggression.

Anger Management Counselling

Counselling for anger problems is not aimed at suppressing or bottling up your anger; rather, treatment aims to teach you methods to respond to and express feelings of anger in a different way. Treatment may also focus on learning the triggers and early warning signs of anger, and effective techniques to calm down and manage a potential problematic situation before it gets out of control.

At Vitalise Psychology, our psychologists can work with you and help you overcome your problems with anger and lead a happy and fulfilling life. Contact us today to make an appointment with one of our registered psychologists.

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