Session Fees and Rebates

Fees Session Fees

Vitalise is committed to supplying affordable psychological care to its clients, and therefore we have a sliding scale fee schedule based on individual income. In this sense, you will need to contact us to establish exactly what your fee will be, however below is our standard fee and our low income/bulk billing fee to give you a general idea.

Standard Fee

  • With Medicare Rebate: $45.50 out of pocket
  • Without Medicare Rebate: $170.00

Low Income/Bulk Bill Session Fee:

  • With Medicare Rebate: $0 (no out-of-pocket expense)
  • Without Medicare Rebate: $124.50

As stated above, please call us to establish what your fee will be.

Rebates Private Health

Our psychologists are all registered with most private health insurers. If your insurer covers you under ‘extras cover’, you may be entitled to a rebate. If you are covered by your private health insurance, you can access your rebate entitlement on the spot, via Vitalise’s HealthPoint machine. For a full list of private health funds available through our HealthPoint service, please click here.

Rebates Medicare Rebates

Generous Medicare rebates are available for appointments with psychologists at Vitalise Psychology. Up to 10 individual counselling sessions can be claimed per calendar year. Rebates can also be accessed for participation in our group programs.

    • Am I eligible? To be eligible for a Medicare rebate you must first see a GP, who will go through a short assessment to determine whether you are experiencing mental health difficulties. The types of difficulties covered by Medicare include anxiety, depression, panic attacks, sleep problems, adjustment disorders, and many more.
    • Do I need a Referral from my GP? By no means are you obliged to have a referral from your GP to see a psychologist at Vitalise, however without a referral you will have to pay the full fee (unless you have coverage through your private health fund).
    • How do I access the Medicare Rebate? Medicare rebates can be accessed in three easy steps:
      1. Visit your GP and discuss why you would like to see a psychologist. When making the GP appointment, ensure you ask for an extended consultation for a “Mental Health Care Plan” (this is the technical term for a referral to a psychologist)
      2. If your GP assesses you as eligible they will complete a Mental Health Care Plan and can make a referral to the psychologist you would like to see
      3. Progress will be reviewed with your GP after your first six sessions with your psychologist. Following this, if deemed appropriate, you will be eligible for an additional four sessions.

Click here for more information about the “Better Access to Mental Health Care” initiative.