About Vitalise

Vitalise Psychology is a private practice that provides psychological services of the highest quality to individuals, couples, and families. Vitalise ensures a safe and caring environment for its clients that is underpinned by our core values, detailed below:

  • Unconditional Positive Regard: Vitalise understands that unconditional positive regard is the simple acceptance and support of each client, and that this is essential in promoting client self-acceptance and personal growth.
  • Authenticity and Genuineness: Vitalise believes in the importance of the development of a respectful therapeutic relationship between psychologists and clients, characterised by authenticity, genuineness, honesty, and responsiveness.
  • Empathy, Understanding, and Nonjudgment: It is important for Vitalise psychologists to acknowledge, identify, accept and validate clients’ feelings. Vitalise believes that from empathy and understanding comes true compassion.
  • Respect: Vitalise is committed to respecting and caring for every client. In this way, Vitalise is committed to approaching every client as an individual, acknowledging the importance and uniqueness of their identity, needs, and aspirations.
  • To view every individual as more than their present problem, issue or concern: No matter what is “wrong” with you, Vitalise believes that there is always more right with you. Therefore, a core value of Vitalise is to utilise Positive Psychology and Strength Based Approaches to help you realise and utilise your inherent strengths as a way of optimising your health, well-being and potential.

Why Choose Vitalise

Vitalise caters to the needs of all individuals, regardless of whether they are highly distressed, or alternatively, lacking a sense of fulfilment or wellbeing in their lives. Where other services may focus exclusively on treating symptoms, Vitalise differs in that it offers services beyond symptom relief.

Taking clients beyond symptom relief is essential in protecting them against future episodes of psychological distress. In doing so, Vitalise is committed to giving clients the tools necessary for them to realise their well-being potential. Vitalise makes a point of exploring beyond “what is wrong with this person” to incorporate “what is right with this person, and how can their strengths be further utilised”.

Vitalise and Positive Psychology

Vitalise utilises Positive Psychology approaches, in addition to other established treatment methods, to assist clients in optimising their wellbeing and experience of life. Positive Psychology is a relatively new area of psychology focusing on the scientific study of wellbeing and happiness. Vitalise is unique to most other services in offering evidence-based Positive Psychology interventions to help clients live rich and meaningful lives. Such interventions include:
  • Mindfulness
  • Strength-Based Interventions
  • Gratitude Interventions
  • Goal Exploration and Attainment
  • Cultivating Optimism
  • Promoting Self-Care and Compassion
  • Increasing Life Engagement and Inducing Flow​​